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Just Slik designs and builds inflatable boats (ribs) that guarantee performance and reliability, developed with care and dedication, offering unique experiences to all sea lovers and enthusiasts.

Quality and comfort

Just Slik designs and manufactures high-performance, high-quality inflatable boats (ribs), skillfully deploying a combination of traditional Made-in-Italy craftsmanship and modern technology, with the goal of providing customers with a unique sailing experience.

Reliability and safety

Just Slik means security and reliability. Our products are not only for expert sailors, but also for novice enthusiasts who want to safely sail the seas.

Panama 22

Panama 19

Panama 18

Panama 17


Each inflatable boat in the Panama line has a range of standard accessories and an options range that let you configure each model according to your needs and preferences, without neglecting the least detail.

Events and news

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Our location

Registered Office:
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Via della Quercia 14/A,
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