Panama Line

Just Slik offers its new Panama line of inflatable boats (ribs), a complete boat range, that lets customers choose from the 4.30-metre Panama 15, up to the 6.90-metre Panama 22.

The entire range carries the “Made in Italy” seal that affords customers maximum navigation pleasure incorporating the highest safety standards to experience the sea with full peace of mind.

The Panama line was designed and built for those seeking comfort and elegance on board an inflatable boat (rib), ideal for enjoying the sea with family or friends. Aesthetics, functionality, performance and safety harmoniously coexist together.

Panama boats take comfort to a new level, with each model’s layout optimally designed to ensure total relaxation for everybody aboard.

All models in the Panama line offer a wide choice of fittings and accessories, and can be completely customized, from finishes to the color of the framework, and from interior fittings to on-board instrumentation, to equip the boat according to your own tastes and requirements.

Panama is designed for all enthusiasts from the pleasure seekers to the professionals.

Panama 15

The Panama 15 is the “smallest” in the family – its 4.30 metres of robust design and three different versions make it extremely versatile.

Panama 17

The Panama 17 brilliantly combines spirited performance with a truly unique spaciousness, unusual for a boat of this size.

Panama 18

The Panama 18 lets you spend comfortable, care-free days at sea.

Panama 19

The Panama 19 is designed and manufactured to guarantee reliability and comfort in combination with the high performance typical of Just Slik inflatable boats (ribs).

Panama 22

hereThe Panama 22 is the largest model in the Panama line, capable of hosting up to 14 people.

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