Our love for the sea and passion for boating is more than just a brand.

We design and build inflatables (ribs) that are entirely handmade with the “Made in Italy” seal.

Just Slik was created in 2017 when Paolo and Vito Mastropietro decided to combine their genuine passion for the sea and twenty years of experience in the nautical world to start a business venture capable of building robust, exclusively-designed boats.

Through our meticulous analysis of cutting-edge technology production processes and our continued, painstaking attention to customer requirements, our product conception and design is detail-focused, refined, unique and innovative.



Our company’s goal is to blend mix our love for the sea with the best that boating can offer into a high-quality, safe and comfortable product.

Just Slik designs and builds inflatable boats that guarantee performance and reliability, developed with care and dedication, offering unique experiences to all sea lovers and enthusiasts.

We are convinced that being the best is not a destination but the start of a journey that offers customers products that incorporate technological innovations, design and safety.

Just Slik is passion, love, innovation and professionalism.
Each of our products blends technical knowledge, rigorous
choice of materials, intuition and customer requirements.
Our brand will make you fall in love with the sea.

Quality and Comfort

Just Slik designs and manufactures high-performance, high-quality inflatable boats (ribs), skillfully deploying a combination of traditional Made-in-Italy craftsmanship and modern technology, with the goal of providing customers with a unique sailing experience.

With attention to every detail, Just Slik inflatable boats (ribs) are designed and built for those seeking comfortable, elegant spaces on board an inflatable boat, ideal for enjoying the sea with family or friends.

Just Slik inflatable boats achieve the perfect balance between performance and efficiency, meeting the needs of all marine aficionados.

Reliability and Safety

Just Slik means security and reliability.

Our products are not only for expert sailors, but also for novice enthusiasts who want to safely sail the seas.

Safety is fundamental to our business philosophy and we are committed, each and every day, to designing robust, safe inflatable boats that can be operated by enthusiasts of all skill levels in any sea condition.

Our location

Registered Office:
Piazzale Roberto Ardigo’ 30
00142 Roma (Italy)
Via della Quercia 14/A,
00048 Nettuno, RM (Italy)


Phone: (+39) 06 21119391
Fax: (+39) 06 92932282
VAT: 14550821004